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YouYoure a lot more efficient when you think about it, but then you really shouldnt be, you havent written any letters in six months and you know you should feel a little guilty about that, but for some reason you dont. You decide to go look at your inbox to see if there are any urgent things there, because youve never looked there before. And sure enough, you find five messages. Three from the police, one from your sister, who you dont get on with anymore and one from the post office. Hi Mom, Dad, Ive been feeling really weird lately, and I thought I should ask you about it, and how you handle it if something like this happens. Anyway, Ill get right to it, please dont worry. The only thing I can really give you is my number, but I dont think youll need it. Just try to get some sleep, OK. Youre about to hang up, when you notice you dont have anything else to write to anyone. You sigh heavily and look over to the police. Its like theyre having a hard time keeping this under control. Im just going to make a few statements for them, but Id appreciate it if they didnt contact me again. You take it easyIm gonna be honest, okay. You see that little girl, shes a friend of mine, you know. If there was any hint that she was having second thoughts, Id find out about it the first chance I got, and Im not about to play around with the cops. You say as you pick your phone back up. You begin to get some unexpected feelings about what youre doing, but you quickly put them out of your mind as you see that it was just a silly misunderstanding and tell the police that your sister was having a nightmare about being kidnapped. They seem a little shocked to hear that the girl is your sister. Well, I guess Ill be seeing you all later this week. Im sending your new address along with this, so just call and leave a message. Good luck with your new job, I think youll do just fine. If youre ever in a jam again, just let me know before you call, ok. With that the phone beeps as you pick it up and youre suddenly very glad that youre not in trouble for this. The police seem very nice and just seem to want to do their jobs, because as you told them your sisters name and address, the next time you get pulled over, you should have no problems at all convincing them you meant no harm.

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