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Ve told them all to get ready to go. Ve been anywhere without some sort of distraction. You head over to the kitchen, and find the waitress. And she moves closer to you and starts fumbling for her phone. I have to go now, he said he has to leave early, but I need to eat, so can we talk about this again after work. T, but I was going to ask one of the waitresses there. Yeah I think the one up the hall on the right. With that you leave the kitchen, and head in the right direction. You go up the stairs, and find yourself in the hotel lobby. You see a girl, probably in her early twenties at best, sitting at a table. Ve come to expect from other people in your situation. You take the chair in the wrong direction, and end up on the floor next to it. You exclaim as you begin to feel a bit dizzy. You look up to see a guy holding a pistol in one hand, pointed at your head. You quickly get up from your position in the carpeted floor.

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