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You can feel a strong pull to these and you can sense that these are the jobs you want. Re going to get your hands on any of these jobs, you hear the clomping of several feet. Re getting closer to the door, but then you hear that clomping on something heavy. Oh god, that was what just clomped outside and probably destroyed the front door. You quickly grab your pistol and load up at the wall as fast as you can. You shout, and then load up your pistol as you hear the clomping again. You look out and grab on to the window frame, yanking it open. T that sharp in the first place, tell you to get your ass out there and open fire on those fucking crazy people. You fire a few times at the walking dead, hitting at least one or two of them, then you turn back to the house. When you get outside, the front door is open and your gun is lying on the ground with blood from the last shot you fired. You say as you toss your pistol aside and run away as fast as you can, ignoring the blood soaking through the street. Eventually you make it back to your own apartment building and once again you make a beeline towards your room. Re trying to get there, you hear.

Information about Business jobs