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The above statements are just a few of the statements that I might make to you as I was going over my books, and one of them is:So, what do you think you are doing. I am the only real man you will ever have. So, stop wasting your time, and start focusing. T know how to connect with you like a woman should. D be lying to you if I said that I would help you in anyway. I would be a complete idiot to waste your time and yours, because my goal is to make YOU happy, which is not necessarily the same thing as making YOU happy. If that was the case I would be fucking you right now. However, I was going to say something really dumb like this, if I were going to tell you to stop wasting your time. T know what I was going to say that would be so stupid. I could say something about how I am here to help you on your journey.

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