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As well, some Orthodox Christians do nothing except visit the church and watch a video on Christmas eve. As yourself, I visit a church in my city to pray and reflectpray that something in-between is present in-front-of-me. You go to a Church ServiceThis way, the only thing you have to worry about is the crowds. You walk towards the church, but see that there are a lot of people around, blocking your way. Hey, wait, let me pass, you say. You head towards some sort of office, where you take a deep breath, and say, I will be there in a few minutes. You find yourself in a dark room, full of glass doors. You start to go through one, and when you open the door to the outside, you see a city. He is carrying a cane, and he is staring at you. Im here to see if the Orthodox Church here has any services that could be of use to me if Im having problems with my job. The priest pauses, and then starts to say, This isnt like you, friend. He points straight ahead of the man in the suit. There isnt a church here with services for you. You walk over to the church as more people arrive outside. Sorry, the man says, we dont have any services for you. You ask for something elseWould it help for me to leave my apartment. If you have any rooms we could lend us, Id be more than willing to go there, and stay there while I look for a job.

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