In physics, we love to precisely describe the motion of an object…

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The next time Trelik appears you all go running downstairs to get inside your house. You dont hear anything until theres a loud crash. The next second youre all flung through the air and out of the window. Theres a lot of splattering and spluttering and falling on the pavement behind you. You and the man you hit were both covered in dirt and blood, your clothes were torn and you hurt a bit from the impact, but the man hit by the car was fine. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. You hear the driver shout as he drives away. You land hard and there are no stairs to the basement. You crawl to a nearby bush and lean your back against it. You feel like someone has stuck a sharp blade in your throat. Your stomach says you should be sick and you shouldnt. What if you didnt get enough food and the hunger was getting to you. You are determined to get what you need and you arent going to let them bully you. Youre not going to let yourself go sick, though, if thats the case. You arent going to let them give up on you. You want to get better, but you just need more time. If you stay here any longer then youre going to get sick anyway, so youll have to hurry up. After you eat the nearby grass you decide to wander a bit around town. The streets are empty of people and you find a quiet alleyway. You sit there and listen to the passing of the day.

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