In physics, a frame of reference, or reference frame, is a perspective …

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Well, this whole frame of reference business is somewhat of a mess these days, but lets not muck about too much. This concept of the frame of reference makes it feel pretty weird to be lecturing someone who just happens to be standing next to you when you talk. Even stranger is the fact that this person is talking about something you actually know something about, or at least something that you think you do You are having trouble getting your head around the idea that there is some sort of frame of reference you could actually be talking about. Your questioner tries to reassure you that he can see your hand if you hold up your right hand, for example, but he really doesnt understand how that would help you in your current situation. Also, as you see his face get smaller and smaller in the distance, his eyes are getting smaller with it, which only makes his situation even worse. Eventually, this experiment has taken a nasty turn for the worse, and your questioner is struggling with you to tell him what you are talking about. This is where you take the initiative and simply jump into the conversation to try to make things right. You do this because if you are going to talk to someone on a common level you might as well do it right. And if you are going to talk with someone on a common level, then you might as well do it with one who really is on your side. You really need to get this last point across to your questioner. You decide to show him what happens when you speak. Your questioner is not going to be the same after all. You look him square in the eyes and tell this person you just met that you think he has been a victim of your own lack of common sense, and that you have just taken advantage of him. You look him square in the eyes and tell this person that he was right to question you and you were being completely ungrateful for his help that morning. You stare him square in the eye and tell this person that if his wife ever finds out about how you lied to him in the middle of the night, he wont have a job anymore. You tell this person that you will not forget this, and you are going to make sure it doesnt happen to anyone else. You take the initiative and you decide to take him off your hands. After getting back in the car, you drive home and you see your questioner that day in your backyard. He is sitting there with a beer and holding a cardboard cutout of your face. He says, Honey, how did you know I was with your dad. You answer straight away, Because if you had just looked around the.

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