In physics, a force is any interaction that, when unopposed, …

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There is no possibility of movement by unmoving them. Its as if you were possessed with the power of a force, and as you begin to feel it take hold, you realize you dont need to move your arms or legs to channel the effects. As you try and control it, you feel you can actually control it. As you feel the force take over you, you feel your arms start to move, and your mouth starts moving. You can feel your fingers slowly starting to form into sharp claws, and begin to curl into claws. You can feel your legs begin to form, but only as stubby claws, still with the feeling of your feet just being stubby stubs. You realize what is happening and immediately try to fight it, but despite your best efforts, it wins. You feel as if you are being possessed by the very essence of the forces of nature itself, and you feel its influence everywhere. There is the very air, the earth, your very bones and muscles, and in your very mind. It begins to manifest in things youd never have even thought possible. A massive tree, and an even larger tree are transformed into a.

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