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C-gbssmgbssm A flat affect:, verb, : In a flat affect, a persons thoughts become completely unfocused, and other thoughts do not register. This is often accompanied by an intense feeling of lack of control over their behavior. Flat affect is a common result of drug or alcohol use, or is a symptom of stress. Flat affect:, noun, : A flat affect may be a result of an individual being unable to express themselves coherently, and is often followed by an intense feeling of lack of control over the individuals behavior. Flat affect:, noun, : In the context of flat affect, it is known as lack of communication, lack of control. Flat affect:, noun, : A flat-affect person is a term used to describe a person whose thoughts and feelings are so flat that they are not perceptible to other people. This is a common symptom of stress, an intense feeling of lack of control over their behavior. Flat affect: A blunted affect:, verb, : A blunted affect can be described as an overwhelming feeling of lack of control over the individuals behavior, resulting from a lack of physical stimulation or emotional support. Blunted affect:, noun, : A blunted affect is when we feel less intense than our emotions would suggest because we are not experiencing as many other people. Flat-Faced:, verb, : A flat-faced person is one who makes their thoughts and feelings seem flat and unfocused. Flat-Faced: Flat-faced people have a shallow affect and lack of concentration. Flat-Faced: A person with a flat-faced affect cannot express themselves, and is often very withdrawn and emotionally unavailable. Flat face:, noun, : A flat face person may have a cold or unemotional expression. Flat face: A flat-faced person will lose interest in things that interest them the most. Flat-Faced: A flat-faced person can easily become emotionless and unemotional. Flat-Faced: People with flat face usually become less open and sociable than their flat-faced friends. Flat-faced face:, noun, : A person who has a flat-faced face is not able to hold a conversation. Flat-faced face: A flat face person can become very tense or defensive. Flat-Faced: A flat-faced person has difficulty understanding feelings from other people.

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