In economics, the law of increasing costs is a principle that …

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The system is brokenYou are right and you are right, and the system is broken. This is why you have to get rid of capitalism and replace it with something better. You already killed communism, so this is the next logical step. This isnt some sort of joke; it is the reason why we are in this economic situation as it is. Capitalism is a system that is doomed to failure due to its inherent economic flaws. If it was left alone, it would just collapse under its own weight and we wouldnt have to worry about it. Youre just trying to protect the systemYes, you are. You cant let the system collapse completely or something worse will follow like some sort of fascist-Communist dictatorship. Capitalism is the very last vestige of what our old society once stood for. A: You are saying that capitalism is unsustainable, and that the system needs to be replaced. It is at least in the long term, doomed to failure just as communism is. Capitalism needs to be replaced with some other system, any other system, and you have to do something about it.

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