In economics, land comprises all naturally occurring resources as …

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In my experience it is always better to consume as much of geographical land as you can as a kind of social experiment. That is just because in my experience as a social animal it is better to consume a huge percentage of geographical land than to consume a small percentage of anyone elses land. Or at any rate, the world is useful enough that you need a chunk of it to build a house. Or, more precisely, to the land plus the value of all the services they provide, for they are obviously paying workers to keep the place running. In this way, capitalism works pretty well, provided you do not mind paying for it. You work for a company that builds housesYoure a guy from New York, living in the suburbs, so this is not that hard for you, but it is hard for most people. And, because you are living here, your boring but necessary labor entails a significant reduction in your standard of living. You cant move to Seattle, where there is a glut of houses to be built. You cant move to Texas, where houses are cheap. This is not all that surprising, but it is still a problem. First of all, you dont really want the houses; they are not what you are working towards, and if you were building homes, you would be building them with other people, in an environment with other people, who might help you. The houses work well for houses, but for you they are a waste of time, and a waste of money The second problem is more serious but less tangible: you dont want to work for a company. You dont want to work for a company because the company is.

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