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A pH of 7, that, is a strong indicator of an impure substance. That would indicate a strongly You go to the nearest bar. You see a couple of the girls with their lips duct-taped together and their arms secured with wire, their legs attached to chairs and youre surrounded by a group of thugs holding shotguns which is a sign youre not dealing with any local scum. Im looking for a bar, you see a bar and you get the idea. You say, taking a drink of the cheap lager youve bought. Oh come on, youre just an alcoholic drunk who cant find a job. You shouldnt be wasting your time here. Im not wasting my time here you say. Im here to get a jobThe thug glares at you. You can see the jobs we have here and dont need someone like you here. You drink and get drunk, you try to get a job and cant. If you need to get a job, just be a fucking drunk. Id probably do just fine here, you say. You ask the bartender for a jobYou go to the nearest bar. You ask the bartender for a jobThe bartender gives you a look that tells you exactly what you have done wrong. You put your drink down and go to the nearest exit and run away. You leave with only a promise that youll find a job. You go back to townYou exit town, the smell of a bar full of drunken people still fresh in your mind. The bartender will get me a job, you say. You give jobYou give a job to the bartender. Well, Ill be needing a knife, a pack of cigarettes and some extra money to pay for my drinks. Oh, and dont forget the beer goggles, you say. The next morning, you stand by a fence and wait.

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