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It is not surprising that you ignore that warning and read the whole message. And now you are actually looking at a club that accepts Bitcoin payments. You are about to leave when you notice that the cashier at the register is a little odd. M so glad you think so. S definitely different from any bank bill I have ever seen before. Well let me scan it onto your iPhone. T really have any other plans so you help the cashier. I was just making up my mind how to go about it, so did you have this device on you all this time. T get them to recognize my card. You make your way to the back to check the barcodes of the Bitcoin wallet and make note of them. You also look at the price, which is listed as 114 on BitcoinAverage. I just bought a few books on bitcoin a few days ago. If I wanted to spend them right away, I could do that. Ve only got like five bucks. Well do you want me to leave.

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