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A DAD was left fuming after council jobsworths kept wrongly sending him £130 fines – and he's now taken extreme action.

Wayne Robson, 50, claims to have received at least five tickets for entering a restricted area near West Croydon Station, London, despite living within an exemption zone.

Wayne says he has now "lost count" of how many fines he is contesting and has received another letter threatening further action.

The furious bus driver said that he has now been forced into extreme action after being slapped with multiple fines – with only with one being cancelled so far.

Wayne claims to have started covering up his number plate with tape in a bid to stop the council sending him more traffic fines.

The 50-year-old said he registered his car in mid-August but since September, he has received four fines.

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And the annoyed dad revealed that he paid one one out of fear it would increase.

Wayne lives in one of the Croydon Healthy Neighbourhoods where drivers face a fine of up to £130 fine for entering, discounted to £65 if paid within 14 days.

The aim is to reduce cars using side streets as 'rat runs'.

The London bus driver told MyLondon: "I actually registered, so I thought it was hunky dory and I went for weeks without any problem then suddenly they started coming through.

"They sent out leaflets to say we are exempt so why do they send out fines to an address that is in the exemption zone?"

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He added: "I've started covering my number plate with tape, it is absolutely ridiculous, I've got to go that way every day.

I am still waiting to find out whether I have to pay the fines, I would be absolutely livid if I did."

Wayne said that just registering his car was difficult enough as the website kept on crashing.

He even visited Croydon Council offices in the hopes of speaking to someone from parking services but was instructed to email his queries.

Wayne said: "I sent something and I've had no response. It is so frustrating I just want to talk to someone. If they draw maps which say people are exempt they shouldn't be sending fines out to them.

"Now I am having to fight them, we've got to go through all this stress to get it cancelled, it would be a massive relief when they cancel them. People shouldn't be put through this stress."

Croydon Council has been contacted for comment.

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