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AN EXPERT mechanic with more than 50 years of experience has revealed why petrol-loving spiders can leave you with hefty car repair bills.

The car expert – with more than 56million followers on social media, claims that there are types of spiders that are attracted to the smell of petrol.

TikTok user @scottykilmeroficial took to social media to warn drivers about spiders that could damage your motor.

He said: "Look for spiders in your gas tank. Spiders are attracted, believe it or not, to gasoline as it mimics the smell that female spiders give off.

"So you might have a sexy-looking car, but you probably didn't know it was a sexy smell for spiders.

"Spiders can make nests that block the vents, and your engine light can come on.


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"So if you're worried, you can spray Raid (a type of repellant) around it. The spiders don't like this, but if they made a nest inside, you can take the green EVAP cap off and blow some air through to blow the nest out the other end."

The video has gone viral on social media with more than 2million views and 1,777 comments.

Viewers were left in shock after watching the video.

One said: "Learn something new every day."

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Another said: "I swear I learn more things on this app than in school."

A third pointed out: "Good job Scotty. Now people are going to freak out about filling the gas. But I actually never knew that."

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