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AN EV owner has urged drivers to watch out for a little-known problem affecting road trips.

Lee, known as the MacMaster, warned that electric cars can bring issues when trying to undertake longer journeys.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he said: "I was just planning my journey because that's what you have to do when you have an electric car.

"You have to spend half an hour first just planning where you're going to charge and stop off points and not charging above 80% or dropping below 10%.

"It's the future, of course, unless you actually own one.

"It's not what we're being sold on television is it?"



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Lee, who owns a Porsche Taycan, claimed that the public are having EVs "pushed down our throats" but that the reality of running one is "nothing like" the ideal that is marketed.

The main issue, according to Lee, is that the infrastructure supporting EVs is not sufficient to make road trips an easily manageable experience.

He demonstrated this on a recent trip from John O'Groats in Scotland to Lands' End in Cornwall, competing against his pal Geoff in a diesel BMW.

Over the 600-mile journey, Lee was beset by delays while trying to make use of the UK's public charging network.

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He ended up reaching the destination hours after Geoff, having stopped more often to fill up.

Even when he did find a working charger, he encountered some commonly cited EV issues, particularly long waits as his car charged.

On the average public charger, most EVs can take anywhere between 15 minutes and several hours to refill their batteries while, according to the RAC, the average fuel stop for a petrol or diesel car takes six minutes.

Not only that, but Lee worked out that he had paid more than £100 extra to make the trip in an EV rather than the 20-year-old diesel.

And given that a majority of council areas offer no roadside charging at all to the public, it becomes vital to plan ahead to make sure you don't run out of range on the way.

Lee added: "Electric cars are not the future.

"They are a stepping stone to other fuels and other modes of transport."

It comes after another EV driver revealed a hidden button that activates a "missing" feature in their car.

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