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AN EV owner claims his wife has three things she absolutely hates about their Tesla.

The couple own a Tesla Model Y, which costs from around £45,000 and has an official range of between 283 and 331 miles depending on which version you go for.

TikTok user @astateoftech filmed his wife explaining the reasons why she regrets buying a Tesla.

She explained: "Number one, while the front may look very easy to open, to close it, you have to give it CPR almost.

"Number two, there is no CarPlay or Android Auto available, so all you're left with is using either Spotify or the inbuilt navigation app.

The third point related to some safety tech that wasn't included as a feature on the car.


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"It has no actual blind spot warnings in the side mirror, so it doesn't have any light to visually tell you that someone's in your blind spot."

The video has had more than 776,100 views and 709 comments.

The poster titled the video: "3 things my wife HATES about our Tesla Model Y."

Users have been quick to comment.

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One said: " Surprised Tesla doesn’t support CarPlay or Android Auto – for one of the most talked about cars of a modern era, you’d think it would!"

The poster answered: "Agreed, a pretty standard thing to include. They probably want to force you to use their stuff."

A second pointed out: "Also, you don't need your rearview mirrors. Just do the dashcam! Then, you can see if somebody is driving near you."

A third commented: "Blind spot on Tesla whole another level. The screen will show you…"

But, again the poster replied: When your head is turned away while lane changing, it makes a difference rather than looking back at the screen."

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