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AN EV expert has revealed five issues drivers must check in winter as their cars become less efficient.

Dominic Wyatt explained how cold weather can affect electric cars and how drivers can combat the problems it causes.

Dominic, from the International Drivers Association, claimed that low temperatures can mask signs of damage and urged motorists to stay alert.

He said: "The electric vehicle is arguably one of the future transport modes of choice, but it demands our keen attention, particularly during winter.

"Think of it as adaptation to evolving technologies. 

"Electric cars are here to stay, and the more we acquaint ourselves with their unique operation, especially in distinct weather conditions, the better we can enjoy all their immense benefits."



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He shared his five top tips for keeping your EV on the road this winter.

First of all, Dominic explained that as temperatures fall so too can the range on your EV.

Range anxiety consistently polls as one of the top issues among electric car drivers and the cold only serves to make it worse.

Likewise, chilly conditions can also make charging less efficient and even cause it to run down while the motor is parked up.

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Dominic advised owners to keep their car plugged in while parked to keep the battery warm, while also making sure to keep an eye on any power loss.

He also recommended plugging in just after you have finished driving to counter slower charging speeds.

Just make sure not to overcharge your EV as this can reduce its capacity and even damage it.

Fourthly, he warned about potential transmission issues that can be caused by low temperatures.

He added that ice and snow can affect some of the sensors and mechanical parts in your car and even impact important safety features, including in terms of self-driving tech.

Fortunately, many modern cars have a winter mode for their transmission to reduce the impact on the car.

Instructions on how to activate this on your specific model can be found in your owner's handbook.

Finally, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system can encounter issues in the cold, often signified by excessive or unusual noise.

Dominic said: "Unlike internal combustion vehicles, electric car engines do not generate enough waste heat to warm up the cabin.

"As such, they rely heavily on their HVAC systems, especially during winter."

The best way to address this, he explained, is to have a local mechanic carry out regular maintenance on your car to pre-empt any issues.

For extra caution, you can book in for a service every year at the start of winter.

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