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A CAR expert has revealed the simple hack that can remove common kids stains from your motor for just £1.

Unsavoury smells and stains are common after a long road trip with children and they’re often hard to get rid of.

But one thrifty motors whizz from Vanarama has explained the easy method to get rid of this problem that only requires common household items.

This low-cost solution uses basic everyday products that you'll have lying around – and it's left drivers blown away.

A colouring book is a great way to keep kids entertained on long journeys but pen markings may easily stray onto your car seats.

But experts say that hairspray is not just for your hair and could remove pen stains from your car seats.

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The best way to remove these kinds of stains includes hairspray, rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover- all of which can be bought for as little as 99p – and these could work well on leather interiors.

Using a small amount with a cloth and dabbing to the affected area will remove the stubborn stain, but not affect the leather.

Apply hairspray cautiously and ensure it doesn’t dry when treating the stain to avoid damage to your seats.

White vinegar is also said to be a good option for stains on fabric upholstery, say experts.

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To effectively address spills or stains on your vehicle’s carpets, a budget-friendly solution is baking soda, which can be bought as little as 75p.

For the best results, dry the spill up as quickly as possible to avoid a stain when returning home.

Wipe up the bicarbonate soda after leaving it to sit for around 10-15 minutes.

For stubborn stains, you could use a bristle brush to rub into the carpet a little more before removing it with a wet cloth or vacuum.

Motorists may be pleasantly surprised to learn that using vinegar in your car can remove smells for just £1.

To put it to work, leave it in a small bowl in the car to sort out any unpleasant odours.

Vinegar, containing acetic acid, possesses neutralising properties so will effectively clear the smell.

Make sure to ventilate your car briefly after the smell has dispelled to get rid of lingering vinegar smells.

It will make sure to cleanse your motor of food and sick smells you have accumulated on your road trip.

It comes after one TikTok user revealed that she uses a laundry detergent capsule mixed with hot water to remove the stains of her car seats.

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