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A TESLA owner claims to have discovered a major issue with his car after taking it on a road trip.

The driver, who goes by the name Dr Demp, took to his YouTube channel to warn others about the unusual problem.

Demp found that one of his motors, which appears to be the £37,000 Model 3, had sprung a leak in the boot after returning from a trip away.

The camping mattress he kept in there was drenched on one corner while the rear-right panel was soaked through.

He said: "I did discover some drips in this hole right here in the carpet.

"This is all wet back here.



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"I trace it all the way up and in here is all wet.

"There's water getting inside here and I don't know how to fix that but how is water getting inside the trunk?"

It appeared that there was an issue with the right-hand corner of the boot lid, with Demp claiming that every time he lifted it, he would hear water dribbling down a rubber pipe that connects it to the car.

What made this even stranger was that his other Tesla, which he said was "identical" to the troubled motor, was not affected by the same issue.

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This suggests it is not a design fault with the model but an individual defect.

Social media commenters were quick to chime in.

One wrote: "Oh gosh."

Another added: "Between the truck lid inner and the truck lid outer there is supposed to be sealer preventing water from getting in. Sounds like your missing sealer somewhere."

And a third advised: "There can be a hole in the trunk where it is supposed to seal with the back glass when closed.

"I’ve never had this issue on mine though so that would be my best guess."

Tesla has been contacted for comment.

It comes after an expert mechanic revealed how to spot the difference between a good garage and a bad one.

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