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A TECH expert has revealed how you can boost your phone battery using five simple steps.

A TikTok account called Android Tech has told viewers how to ensure they are not wasting away their phone life.

Phone battery and performance can often fail to meet the demands and requirements of those constantly using their mobile devices.

But in the 26 second clip uploaded onto the social media platform, users can now see how to avoid making those same mistakes.

Users must first go to "Settings" and then click on the "Privacy" section.

Next, they must make sure that the option to "send diagnostic data" is switched off.

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Users must then deselect the two options under "diagnostic data" and click "OK".

Once this process is completed, it will successfully ensure that your phone's battery life will last longer.

Other TikTok users were quick to flood the comments section after trying the hack.

One person said: "Wow it works."

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Another added: "I done that month's ago, seems good so far."

However, some people, particularly those with iPhone's, found they were unable to follow the advice.

Elsewhere, a mobile phone expert has revealed the secret iPhone setting which can slash your battery life but there is a “hidden” button that switches it off.

The CNET page on TikTok showed it's 329,000 followers just how it was done.

Furthermore, the button on the side of your iPhone is key to improving battery life and most Brits have NO idea about the "hidden" bonus feature.

Battery drain is normal the more you use your iPhone and depending on what type of apps you're running.

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