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A TECH expert has revealed three ways Brits can boost their phone battery life.

Professor of Technology Ritesh Chugh says iPhone and Android users can easily keep their juice by avoiding these phone habits.

His handful of tricks and tips could help to delay that ominous and ever-shrinking battery bar.

Writing for The Conversation he explained the top way of keeping your battery healthy is to avoid exposing your phone to high temperatures.

He explained Apple and Samsung say their phones work best at 0C to 35C ambient temperatures.

Secondly, he tells users to limit their charging to 80 per cent of the full capacity and not let it dip below 20 per cent.



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Finally, Prof Chugh says Brits should not leave their phones charging for an extended period, such as overnight.

He explained they should and disconnect it from the power source if the battery reaches 100 per cent.

Replacing your iPhone battery

If your iPhone's battery is consistently causing you low-power pain, then you can get it replaced.

But be quick, because Apple is hiking the cost to replace the batteries in older iPhone models from 1 March.

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The sneaky price rise of by $20/ £20 will hit millions of customers in the UK and the US.

The move will see the cost of bolstering iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone X batteries jump from $69 (£58) to $89 (£75) in a matter of weeks.

Those with models from the iPhone 14 line-up will be unaffected, as Apple already charges its latest customers $99 (£83) for battery replacements on its newest products.

It is usually recommended that users get their batteries replaced when the maximum battery capacity hits 80%.

You can check the health of your battery at any time by going into Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

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