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DON'T ignore four serious warning signs that you're on a phone call with a crook.

That's the advice from a leading cyber-expert who has revealed the dangerous clues all iPhone and Android owners should listen out for.

Scam calls can end up being extremely costly.

Not only can they result in you losing private info that could be used to defraud or extort you, but they could even directly scam you out of cash.

And sophisticated crooks can strike at any time using convincing tactics that may be very hard to see through.

The U.S. Sun spoke to Javvad Malik, lead security awareness advocate at KnowBe4, who revealed four warning signs that you need to listen out for.

Caller Uses Threats or Intimidation

"Scammers may resort to intimidation tactics, such as threatening legal action, arrest, or suspension of services, to make you comply," Javvad told us.

"Legitimate organisations typically communicate professionally and do not resort to such aggressive measures."

Too Good to be True Offers

"Be cautious of calls promising unbelievable offers, lottery winnings, or unexpected financial benefits," Javvad explained.

"Scammers use such tactics to lure victims into sharing personal information or making monetary transactions."

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Poor Phone Line Quality or Call Distortion

"Many scam calls originate from overseas," Javvad warned.

"And as a result, the call quality may be poor, with background noise, echoes, or delays.

"Additionally, you may encounter distorted voices or robotic-sounding callers, indicating a potential scam."

Request for Unusual Payment Methods

"Scammers often ask for payment through wire transfers, gift cards, or cryptocurrency since these methods are difficult to trace," Javvad advised.

"Legitimate entities generally offer multiple secure payment options."

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