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A MOTORS expert has revealed why he thinks newer cars "suck" – and how they could cost you thousands.

Scotty Kilmer says modern vehicles are often made on the cheap – and it's drivers who may end up paying the price.

The mechanic of more than 50 years said that as a result a heap of new motors are made without a spare car tyre.

Scotty warned drivers should check whether or not their car has one – otherwise, they could end up in a lot of trouble.

The expert, who has built up a massive online following of 5.9million people, said in a Youtube clip: "I'm going to talk about the car makers who make cars with no spare tyres in them anymore.

"Now the solid Lexus is a full-sized car with a full-sized spare.

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"And it's bad enough that they then made cars with these baby, mini spares that you can't drive very well on.

"But today most new cars don't come with any spare tyres at all – what a pain if they get a flat.

"And why do they do that? Because it's cheaper to make them that way.

"So if you don't know if your car has a spare, open the trunk and look inside because if you think you have one you get a flat tyre ad you don't, you're up the creek without a paddle."

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