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A MOTORS expert has revealed the clever choice they always make when renting a car – and it could save you hundreds.

Personal finance whizz Bree took to her TikTok channel to explain to viewers how to avoid unfair bills from rental firms.

In her video, Bree showed how important it was to record a video of a rental car.

She suggested rental companies may attempt to charge drivers for damage done to the hired car if a proper record had not been kept.

Bree said by taking a video, it can show rental companies the "damage was already there" before you hired out the car.

She said: "It's really important that you video the entire car before you leave the lot."


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Filming the car you are renting is allowed and could be helpful in avoiding unexpected charges.

Make sure to point out any damage, dirt, mechanical issues or general problems on the clip.

To be safe, bring these to the attention of the rental worker supplying your car to see if you can get it changed but, if not, keep a record so you won't be blamed for any issues when returning the car.

Back in February, one granddad used exactly this hack to ensure he would not be held liable after finding damage on two rental cars during a holiday.

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Tom Cunningham, 66, said that the advice saved him after he was slapped with a £325 bill by Europcar.

He fumed: "Obviously there was damage already. I knew I hadn’t damaged it. 

"I just couldn’t believe it. I thought 'you’re joking'.

"If I hadn’t taken those videos those two times, I would have paid that money."

The company admitted he had been charged wrongly, cancelled the charges, apologised and offered to reimburse him for any costs suffered as a result of the ordeal.

It comes after an expert mechanic revealed an easy DIY job that could save you hundreds.

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