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A CAR expert has shown drivers a cheap way to fix their own tyres, in just five easy steps.

The hack was revealed by a woman in a TikTok video who demonstrated an alternative to completely replacing a tyre.

"Raise the car with a jack and remove the damaged tyre," she began.

"That little thing, did all this damage," she added, signalling to the nail.

The woman then demonstrates how to use a reamer before showing how to insert a plug to seal up the hole.

Drivers then have to insert the plug into the reamer's loop.

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When the tool is removed, the plug should remain in the rubber and the tyre is once again useable.

The average cost of having a premium tyre professionally changed is £700, according to Check A Trade.

Instead, the tyre repair kit featured in the TikTok retails for just £23, according to the video's creator.

However, some viewers warned against following the method.

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"If water gets in that plug it rots the belts in the tyre and one day the tyre falls apart while driving," one man claimed.

"(You should) get that tyre balanced again because the plug adds extra weight to that side of the tyre," another recommended.

Others were adamant the trick could be a permanent solution.

"I plug my tyres all the time if done right it’s a permanent repair," one person wrote.

"Bought one a couple years ago and it works great," another added.

The creative tactic comes after another trick promised to rid a car of lingering smells using a common household product.

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