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A MECHANIC has revealed what to do if your car is making a knocking noise.

The experienced mechanic claims that most drivers think that it’s not a serious problem, but it can actually put their life at risk.

TikTok user @walsallwood_tyre says that this noise is caused by the bottom ball joint in the wheel and could damage other parts of your car – costing drivers thousands in repairs.

For that reason, the mechanic has urged motorists to bring their cars to their local garage if they hear any weird noises when driving.

The bottom ball joint connects the control arm to the steering knuckles and allows for smooth and solid movement in the suspension of your car.

And car experts at thedrive.com have warned drivers that if the joint fails completely, they could lose control of the vehicle leading to crashes and injuries.


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The mechanic revealed: "It is very slight, and it isn't there all the time so that you would think ah, something slight, something little.

"Unfortunately, it's the bottom ball joint and if you look, just how much free play there is in that wheel. Look, it is literally hanging off now.

"If I can get into this bottom ball there, as I actuate, it is actually jumping around as well as wearing the tire more that's gonna cause the steering to be all over the road and increase wear and tear on all other components connected to it."

The video has gone viral on TikTok with more than 32,300 views and 53 comments.

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Users were quick to comment below.

One said: "Mine knocking for three years when coasting LOL."

Another said: "Can you help me please? I have a knocking noise on my Astra. It happens when I press to clutch down."

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