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A CLEANING whizz says her 99p hack is the best way to remove grime from car windows.

Seep's Laura Harnett said that you can clean your windscreen without using any bad-smelling or corrosive chemicals.

The only ingredients you need is are white vinegar, warm water and some washing-up liquid.

First, mix the water and the washing-up liquid – before lathering the solution over the windows.

Be careful not to whip up any soapy suds, as they will leave milky streaks on your windscreen.

Laura told the Express: "Wash away any remaining soap and debris with fresh, clean water.

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"Purified or rainwater works even better – as tap water contains minerals such as calcium and sodium which can leave marks on the glass if not wiped off thoroughly."

Next, clean the windows with equal parts white vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle.

Wipe the spray off with a dry kitchen cloth – and your windows should be spick and span.

Laura said: "You might want to do each window twice if they are especially grimy, but this method is highly effective and one clean should work well."

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Washing-up liquid costs 55p from Asda, and Stardrops white vinegar spray costs 99p.

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