‘I’m a cleaner – stop window condensation in minutes using two common items’

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Autumn has now arrived and the weather is beginning to get colder and much rainier which means it is that time of year when window condensation can begin to build up inside your windows.  

Unfortunately, condensation on windows can be an avoidable part of the colder seasons as it happens when the cool window glass combines with the hot and moist air found inside the home. 

If left alone, window condensation can let mold and mildew build up inside your home, which can be difficult to get rid of and can cause health problems. It can also rot if you have wooden window frames, and can even lead to dampness or damage to your home. 

Luckily, Britain’s famous cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie, also known as the Queen of Clean, has a simple way to keep condensation away with a simple cleaning solution that she learned from her family. 

In a video online, Lynsey said: “Mum’s old school, was a cleaner…both my nan’s were cleaner and they swear by it. Cleaning is definitely in my blood.” 

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How to stop window condensation

Once you have window condensation, Lynsey explained that you will have to keep removing the layer of water from your windows using a super absorbent cloth and washing up liquid. 

Lynsey said: “Basically, what you need to do is wipe the water off every morning. A good thick microfiber cloth to just get it off. Open the window as well, and let the window actually dry…Make a priority of every morning just going around the house with your microfiber cloth. 

Pour a tiny amount of washing-up liquid onto your microfibre cloth and rub it all over the glass on your window. This will create a barrier that will stop the condensation, and you are unlikely to get smears or streaks in the window glass since you are using a small amount of dish soap. 

Lynsey added: “This tip is very similar to shaving foam on the shower screen. You’re creating a barrier which is going to stop the water from sticking to it.” 

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How to prevent window condensation

In a blog post on her website, Lynsey explained it is very easy to prevent window condensation as the simple idea is to try and create less moisture around your home. 

One way to prevent condensation if to make sure windows and open and there is plenty of air flow if you are drying clothes inside your home this winter. Lynsey wrote: “Dry clothes outdoors or in a room with good ventilation, open a window slightly, turn off the radiator, and place your drying rack in front of a bright window to help dry faster. 

“Close the door off to this room whilst the window is open. Alternatively, look at heated clothes dryers. This has become more common due to the cost of using tumble dryers.”

Lynsey has also suggested investing in a dehumidifier for window condensation if you are worried about during the cold weather. She wrote: “In case you were wondering, dehumidifiers use very little energy to run, so you won’t see a big hike in your energy bills and many have an auto shut off feature which helps if you are using overnight.”

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