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A CAR salesman has revealed how to negotiate the best price for your new car.

With the cost of living continuing to rise, many drivers are looking for an affordable car that covers all their needs.

Handily, TikTok user @brentonsmithtips has shared a few tips to save money on your new car.

He started by saying: "Always be prepared to walk away from the deal. In fact, you never want to really buy in the first negotiation.

"You never want to commit to anything the sales consultant is going to ask.

"If you're in a position to buy a car today, the sales consultant is gonna ask who the decision maker is."


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The TikToker said the sales consultant would normally place a contract in front of you with the car at full price.

And he recommends obviously asking them if they can reduce the price.

He continued: "They're always going to turn around and ask what price you want.

"At this stage, I would not offer a ridiculous price because the sales consultant will say I don't think that that's achievable.

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He continues: "Your response should always be, I'm not going to sign anything I do not agree to, and we haven't agreed.

"The sales consultants gonna take your offer into the manager, and the manager is going to ask the sales consultant if the person is in a position to buy now."

Then, the sales consultant would give you a price slightly higher than what you offered them.

He continues explaining: "They're going to ask you again if you're happy to purchase the car.

"At this stage, you want to sign the contract, but they are going to take the contract again into the manager and they are going to return and say we can't do that price.

The poster insisted that you need to keep negotiating until the manager comes out and speaks directly to you.

He added: "The sales consultant has given you as many discounts as he can possibly get.

"Now the manager is going to try to save money by closing the deal."

The poster said that the buyer should walk out from the car dealer and leave it for a couple of days.

"I would call the sale consultant and offer £1,000 less than the original price that the manager finally offered.

"The sales consultant is then going to ask that, if they can get that price for you, will you be able to leave the deposit.

"They would say we can't discount you £1,000, but we can £500."

The expert advises giving it two more days and then the sales consultant would normally contact you to offer you the discount you asked for originally.

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