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WITH the extreme heat we've been experiencing, making sure your car is in decent order is all the more important.

Often, spending a little here and there will ensure you save £1,000 by avoiding massive repair bills down the line.

We spoke to a car mechanic about the sort of things people should be aware of if they want to avoid big bills during the heatwave.

He wanted to remain anonymous but has been in the industry for 17 years, learning his trade at a manufacturer franchise dealer before starting his own business.

In that time he has worked on everything from Minis to Mercedes.

"Checking your coolant levels and condition" was his main advice at this time of year.

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He continued: "You'd be amazed at the number of cars I see that either have too little coolant in them or the coolant is just old.

"It all goes back to the fact that people are trying to save money during these difficult financial times.

"But spending around £10 on some coolant for a top-up, or usually less than £50 to change it over completely could save you £1,000s down the line."

Coolant, or antifreeze, mixes with water and runs throughout your engine keeping it at a constant temperature as it gets hotter and colder outside.


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The trouble is, there are quite a few different types of antifreeze on the market and you can't just chuck any old stuff in your motor.

It's best to head to the owner's manual that comes with your car (it'll be in the glovebox) and it should be listed in there.

Failing that, get online and Google your make and model to find which is best. If you're really stuck, phone your trusted garage to find out.

Running a car without enough coolant in extremely hot weather will cause it to overheat and potentially seize.

Having to rebuild an engine or replace it entirely costs £1,000s in parts and labour.

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