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CAR experts have revealed a common 14p item that can reduce condensation and de-fog your windows in seconds.

As the cold weather rolls in, temperatures tumble and conditions turn wet, excess moisture in the air is liable to leave your car's cabin steamed up.

Fortunately, specialists over at Motor Match have shared an easy hack to clear your view in moments.

Addressing the scale of the issue, they said: "Steamy windows are a common problem for drivers in the winter.

"We waste a lot of time before – and even during – our drives trying to clear our car windows of condensation.

"Before you crank your heating all the way and grab that cloth from the glove compartment, consider these quick tips; they might save you some time."



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Their top tip was making use of an often-ignored item that usually ends up in the bin.

Silica gel packets are often found in things like new shoes and even in some snacks.

They act as a preservative and odour-repellant by absorbing moisture and keeping the products they are packaged with dry.

And they can perform a similar function in your car.

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All you need to do is save the packets when you spot them with a new purchase and dot a couple around your motor, ideally by the windows and on the dashboard.

This should reduce the amount of moisture inside your car and help keep condensation away.

The experts added: "Having some silica gel packets in your car could be a wise investment, especially at the relatively low online price of 14p per packet.

"It’s a simple yet practical solution that will keep your windows clear."

Best of all, the easy trick can save you big in the long run as having a fogged-up windscreen could get you in trouble with the law.

Driving with your view obscured could see you collared and fined up to £1,000, as well as receiving three penalty points on your licence.

Just be aware that, according to packaging giant EDCO, the packets last between one and three years before they have to be changed so make sure you stay on top of when you put them in your car.

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