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A CAR cleaning whizz has revealed a £1.59 hack that will leave your motor sparkling.

Sarah Sicard shared two cheap products that can easily clean your car's carpets and mats in moments.

Righting for SlashGear, she explained how to make a DIY carpet cleaning solution that busts tough dirt.

Sarah said: "Rain, mud, gum, leaves, sand, and any other such debris may find its home in your car's mats.

"And while there's nothing to say you must clean them, keeping them in top shape contributes to the overall maintenance of your car. 

"It's likely you have the materials to do a thorough wash in your medicine cabinet already."



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All you need is hydrogen peroxide, essential oil and water.

Simply mix two-thirds of a cup of water with a third of a cup of peroxide to create a powerful cleaning agent.

Then just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to give it a fresh scent and rid your car of bad odours.

Add the solution to a spray bottle and spray down any stains.

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You can blot it off with a cloth or scrub it with a soft brush until the dirt has disappeared.

Hydrogen peroxide is available online for as little as 16p, while essential oils can be picked up for 99p.

Just be careful as it can bleach hair and clothes, as well as irritate skin.

Make sure to wear gloves, eye protection and old clothes that you don't mind being stained.

The same effect can be achieved with a one-to-one mix of warm water and distilled vinegar with a teaspoon of dish soap.

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