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A CAR cleaning whizz has revealed the best shampoo to leave your motor sparkling – and it's only £2 a wash.

The expert took to TikTok to share the wonder product, which can make your daily drive look as good as new.

In the clip, they demonstrated how to use the Bahama Blue shampoo and added before and after footage to show off how effective it is.

Developed by Duel Autocare, the soapy serum can be added to water and used in a spray gun to shift stubborn dirt and grime.

The product description on the website reads: "A highly concentrated pure shampoo that contains a perfectly foamy and efficient formula.

"Bahama Blue is the ideal solution for all vehicle maintenance wash requirements enabling dirt and road grime to be removed from all vehicle surfaces in a safe manner due to its neutral chemical composition and anti-marring additives."


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All you have to do is spray down your car with the shampoo mix then give it a thorough wash and it will be left gleaming.

For a shiny finish, you can mix a little of Duel's Flex polymer sealant with water and repeat the process.

The shampoo costs just £11.49 for 500ml, or you can buy it in a three-pack bundle with the sealant and a cleaning foam for £32.30.

Using all three together then works out at only around £2 per wash.

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Reviewers were full of praise for the products on the company's website.

One wrote: "Flex is the best car product I have used."

Another added: "Everything you need for the outside of your car in one place."

And a third raved: "Highly recommend, usage is very minimal for great results."

It comes after drivers rushed to buy another £2 product to rid their cars of dirt, debris and crumbs in hard-to-reach spots.

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