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ForwardThe CityYoure in the middle of the city, and you dont know where to go from here. You go the nearest available structure to whatever this place is youre actually trying to escape from. Are you sure you dont want to go to your parents house. I mean, theres always people here that need help or are looking for a job and I can offer it to you, but I think I could help you as well. Im not sure if I want help, you say. I know youre probably just tired out of all the fighting, though. Im going to take you to where you can find a job. Are you going to be here all day or just for a few minutes. Youre not sure if this is the right way to go, but you want to get this over with so you decide to trust him. You agree to go with him You follow the voice into the city. The whole time you travel, you keep your guard up and wonder if youre being followed, but no one else does either. You find a big house that looks abandoned. It looks like someone went through here a long time ago, and just left. You ask, walking around the front of the house youre in. The floor and walls look dirty, and theres a dirty sink and toilet in the corner. A man is standing in the corner of the room, but that doesnt deter you from following the voice. My dad works here, and my mom was a stay-at-home mom, you say. She didnt like it when you were in the basement all the time, so when she was away, you were left down here. I know she was a stay-at-home mom, but I know she doesnt like me down here either, you say.

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