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A homeowner was left raging after a dim-witted driver parked right in front of his driveway – when the whole street was free.

The stunned bloke couldn't believe what he was seeing when he noticed the brown car completely blocking access to his home.

The resident had already parked his own car on the driveway when he spotted the car blocking him in.

To make matters worse, the man then realised that the whole street was free – with the idiot motorist having a choice of parking spaces.

But for some bizarre reason, the vehicle owner decided to plonk it right in the man's path.

He posted a picture to Reddit to vent about this parking predicament to social media users.


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The homeowner wrote alongside the snap: "This dude decided to park in front of my driveway when the entire street was free."

Social media users all said the same thing about the man's dilemma, reassuring him his anger was justified.

One wrote: "I’d be on the phone with a towing company."

Another simply added: "Tow truck!"

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A third enthusiastic supporter said: "TOW! TOW! TOW!"

And a fourth commented: "Get him towed. I wouldn't bother trying to be polite. This is complete a**holiness."

Others shared their stories of being stuck in similar parking predicaments, claiming towing was the only answer.

One explained: "This happened to me once and my neighbor was up with her baby at like 5am and called a tow truck.

"They were gone before I had to leave for work. She was my hero."

Another chimed in: "Hate this. And then you have to unneccessarily talk to them to move their car.

"Then they show attitude like YOU did something wrong. Waste everyone's time and peace of mind. Could have moved just a few meters forward and there would be no issues."

We previously told how one man got the ultimate revenge on his nuisance neighbour who kept blocking his driveway.

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The inconsiderate driver eventually got her car towed after the man raised the issue with police.

And this mum appealed for advice after locals kept parking on her driveway, leaving her struggling to leave her home with her baby's pram.

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