Idiot Audi driver stopped doing shocking speed in treacherous -6C icy conditions… as speed gun pic leaves people stunned | The Sun

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A RECKLESS Audi driver was stopped by police after driving at 102mph in treacherous conditions.

Three passengers were also in the flash car as it was clocked by officers using a speed gun.

The driver had hit speeds of 102mph despite the -6C temperatures causing potentially hazardous conditions on the roads.

Norfolk & Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team shared a picture of the Audi pulled over at the side of an icy road.

They also posted an image from the gun showing the driver's 102mph speed.

The force said: "The driver of this vehicle has been stopped & reported for driving at 102mph on A14 Newmarket.

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"He will now face court to explain why he was driving at that speed in -6 degree conditions with 3 passengers on board."

Social media users were left stunned by the dangerous driving.

One said: "Unbelievable speed, and in these treacherous conditions.

"As a Nurse I support clients with life changing injuries and very grateful for all you do to try to keep our roads safer. Thank you."

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Another wrote: "Absolutely NO WORDS. If they want to kill themselves fine ! But these “People” are selfish beyond belief. Someone has to scape them & others off the road."

While one said: "That’s crazy!"

Ice and snow makes for pretty treacherous driving conditions as cars can easily skid out of control.

Simple tips including choosing the right tyres or allowing greater stopping distances can help prevent fatal mistakes.

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