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A FURIOUS driver has been slapped with a £100 parking fine for using a car park for a day – but he says he only stopped for 30 minutes.

Lawrence Carnie, 58, says he visited a Kent retail park car park two days in a row, for 30-minute stints, but was fined for parking for 23 hours.

The banker is claiming the fine is an error and comes down to issues with the car park's CCTV.

Lawrence claims he was never logged as leaving the car park the first time, so was hit with the fine for overstaying.

He appealed the fine, but it was rejected by parking enforcers, Group Nexus.

Lawrence is now claiming he has uncovered faulty cameras at the car park and that hundreds more drivers could have been incorrectly fined like him.

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The Tower Retail Park car park in Dartford, Kent, that issued the fine on June 10, has a maximum stay of three hours.

Lawrence says he stayed for 30 minutes one day, when he went to buy a TV, and returned the next day for a similar amount of time.

But 10 days later he received a £100 fine.

However, by appealing the penalty through the independent adjudicators, Popla, Group Nexus released a 356-page document showing all activity across that 24-hour period at the Kent car park.

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Lawrence says he used his knowledge of analytics and placed all 9,920 entries into a spreadsheet, and made a discovery.

According to the document, Lawrence was spotted entering the car park at 3.20pm on June 10.

He was then seen leaving at 1.30pm the next day with no other data entries for his car.

But, Lawrence says there was also a single entry where one car exited the car park three times without even entering.

Along with this, he says he discovered that 96 cars were recorded going in on June 10 but were not spotted leaving that day.

On June 11, 100 different cars, that hadn't arrived that day, were seen leaving, he says.

I'm almost on a bit of a crusade at this point

Lawrence says that means a maximum of 196 people would also have been fined.

He said: "That one night they had 196 cars left unchecked meaning at 3am that car park should've been half full."

The 58-year-old added: "I'm almost on a bit of a crusade at this point.

"I've given up on ranting about my fine because I feel I've got them.

"How can they be issuing fines off of this? Their data is so bad.

"What I really want is for Group Nexus to cancel all their parking fines from this car park."

His second appeal is still pending a verdict but Lawrence is confident the adjudicators will vote in his favour.

If Lawrence's appeal is successful, it could have implications for all other fines Group Nexus have issued at the car park.

Issues with the cameras are extremely rare.

When approached for comment a Group Nexus spokesperson said: "This case concerns an appeal we have already received and responded to.

"The challenge was rejected and the PCN upheld on the grounds that the motorist overstayed the free time allocation.

"Issues with the cameras are extremely rare. When there is one, we virtually always find evidence of it on the system.

"In this case we investigated the claim and could find no evidence that this vehicle had visited the site twice.

"This case is now with the independent adjudicator."

The Sun has approached Group Nexus for further comment.

Drivers challenging parking fines is not uncommon.

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