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A DRIVER has been left furious after being charged for parking 122 times in just three days due to a glitchy machine.

Andy Gynn had £610 drained from his accounts – leaving him in an unarranged overdraft – after the machine went haywire and wrongly charged him.

The restaurant owner was due to go on holiday but left unable to "access any of my accounts" causing tons of stress and incurring further costs.

"I've had a total of 122 transactions go through after the last three days putting all the accounts into unarranged overdrafts," he added.

"I'm due to go on holiday and can't access any of my accounts, which is more than an inconvenience. I feel frustrated, anxious and very stressed."

Andy, 40, said the bank cancelled his card but couldn't put a stop to the transactions.

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"I feel helpless," he added. "I can't see how I'm going to be refunded now my cards have been cancelled."

Andy, who works in Worcester city centre, said he was billed for parking at a car park in Newport Street and Copenhagen Street hundreds of times – he said he has spent the past three days trying to sort out the issue.

"If the boot was on the other foot and I owed the council money, I'd be getting charged daily interest and admin charges," Andy said.

It comes as around 1,500 drivers in the area have reported having the same problem.

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Another driver, Rod Barlow, 33, said he noticed money "dripping out of his account" and thought he had been hacked.

The sales and business manager was hit with 33 extra charges after also parking in Newport Street last week.

Rod said between £180 and £200 had been taken from his account leaving him in his overdraft as well.

He said: "I realised I had gone into my overdraft and I knew that didn't sound right.

"My first reaction was I thought I was being scammed. I contacted my bank immediately.

"They told me they can't stop the money from going out because the money is being taken out from a pre-set date."

Rod said the situation is "frustrating" as he sees "multiple transactions every day".

Worcester City Council said they are working to sort out the glitch and refund drivers.

A spokesperson said: "We have been assured that no further duplicate payments are being processed.

"We are working closely with the card payment processor and card machine operator, to get to the bottom of this issue.

"Whilst the cause of the problem is not yet clear, the council would like to assure customers that all incorrect payments will be refunded as soon as we are able."

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