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A MAN transformed his mobility scooter into a completely road legal mini camper van – but it's divided opinion.

Jason Black originally wanted to build a go-kart, but settled on the classic Volkswagen camper and hasn't looked back since.

After two months of renovation, the 56-year-old had completed his dream motor – which boasts a top speed of 8mph.

The inventor, from Scotland, bought the Class 3 mobility scooter – the only one of it's kind that is road legal – for £200.

Jason, who is "fascinated by small things", forked out a whopping £1,500 to build his 80cm high pride and joy.

He said his vision was sparked after he saw a camper van in America and thought how "cool" it was.

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"I tried to do a bit of research from there and how you go about building one," Jason explained.

”Initially, I wanted to build a go-kart. But, I soon realised, they use petrol, which is not too welcome on pavements.”

The quirky camper van driver loves to pop from A to B in the unique vehicle, and has even built himself another body in green.

But, he confessed not every one is a fan.

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Jason said: "The way I wanted to build mine was to sit low so you only see the head.

"I use round town and take it places in Scotland.

"I’ve had few people stop me thinking it was a kid driving.

"They either love it or hate it.

"People stop you all the time to smile and laugh or they totally ignore it and don't see the point.

"There is no point to it at all – it just makes people smile.”

Jason admitted even one of his close friends "can't stand it" and continue to question the bold move.

”Porsche used Volkswagens as service vans in the 60s – so I got the Porsche sign written on it – a lot of people think it’s a Porsche," he added.

The controversial little motor has been created using parts from a lot of different vehicles.

Jason installed indicators from a Fiat 500, lights from a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a traditional VW badge has been stuck on the front.

The camper has its own personalised plates and tax disks from the 1960s to make it appear more authentic.

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