I took my Range Rover in for £2k service & nothing was wrong – then I got £11k bill after engine broke WEEKS later

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A BAFFLED driver was slapped with an £11,000 bill after his Range Rover engine seized – just weeks after it went for a £2,000 service. 

Sasha Tambo, 29, took his Range Rover Sport for a routine check in October – but said mechanics told him there was nothing to worry about.

The dad-of-one, from Northampton, was charged £2,180 for the job, but little over a month later, the car broke down.

He noticed the vehicle shake and splutter “like it was misfiring” forcing him to pull over and call his breakdown service for help.

But when the car was towed to Range Rover dealers Guy Salmon Land Rover, Sasha said the reasons he was given for his faulty ride made “no sense at all”. 

“It wasn't really making sense what they were saying,” Sasha told the Sun Online.

“At first they said something went into the engine and I was confused – how can something go into the engine?

“They said maybe something metal went through the air filter. But now, there is no explanation, they just said the engine seized.” 

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Sasha, who has his own van company, did not have a warranty on the second-hand car which he bought from its previous owner for £30,000 last February. 

He was assured by the previous owner the car had no problems- and after paying more than £2,000 for a service, was given no reason to believe otherwise.

Sasha explained: “When I took my car for a service in October they didn’t find anything wrong with the vehicle.

“It doesn’t really make sense for a car to go for a service and then break down a month later.

“After paying that amount of money, if they expect future problems they should know.”

He added: “It’s not a car I use everyday, I just use it here and there on weekends. 

“For an engine to go after a service and then break, it doesn’t make sense at all.”

An engine is a big thing, for it to go after a service and then break, it doesn’t make sense at all

Sasha said he was eventually slapped with an £11,000 bill for the repairs – on top of the initial £2,180 service. 

The whopping sum was then reduced to £7,500 after Land Rover gave him a 30 per cent loyalty discount.

A Land Rover spokesperson said: "Land Rover always aims to provide the highest customer satisfaction. In this particular case, the 2016 vehicle in question had a limited-service history and did not have an extended warranty.

"Despite this, Land Rover went above and beyond increasing the voluntary contribution to the repair to support the customer."

The Sun contacted Guy Salmon Land Rover for comment.

It comes after a mum was slapped with a £27,000 bill after her Range Rover engine seized – and she got the blame.

Zara Ahmed noticed issues with her three-year-old car when it would make a "bad noise" every time she drove over 50mph.

She paid £2,500 to get it serviced – but months later the engine seized.

Sasha said: "I saw Zara's story in the paper.

"I thought maybe they know what's going on and they are not saying anything – they’re just taking people’s money."

Of Zara's situation, Land Rover said: "Land Rover is in dialogue with the customer with ongoing discussions to bring the issue to a satisfactory conclusion."

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