‘I make £20K thanks to my thrifting hustle and found a Marc Jacobs bag for £3′

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Woman makes $19,000 thanks to party side hustle

One mother-and-daughter duo are earning the equivalent of nearly £20,000 thanks to their thrifting side hustle.

Oliva Onho, 27, and Maya, eight, from Seattle, Washington make this amount of money from reselling second-hand clothes as a side job.

Ms Onho was taught from an early age to be a bargain hunter and enjoys visiting thrift stores to find the best deals.

Her “fashionista” daughter Maya visits second-hand clothes shops at least once a week to seek out the best savings and the items which they can sell.

Among the clothing items they have found include children’s T-shirts for $3 (£2.47) and three pairs of new Hunter Wellington boots for (£18.84).

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Outside of filling their own wardrobe, the pair donate to other families or sell their thrifting finds as part of a side hustle.

As a result, they are able to bring in around $2,000 (£1,646.30) a month which they have used to pay for trips, such as a vacation to Disney World.

Maya’s mother explained: “Probably everything I own is second-hand. I really enjoy it. What I make from reselling is fun money.

“We went to Disney and Alaska. I use it for things I wouldn’t do if I didn’t make extra money.”

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Growing up with a single parent, Ms Onho learned the importance of thrifting in order to get by financially.

To this day, the Seattle native continues of second-hand shops and is teaching her daughter the importance of doing the same.

She added: “She’s always been a fashionista. She’ll not wear an outfit more than twice. Her style is very girly. Anything sparkly, dresses and bright.”

One of her favourite thrifting finds was a large Marc Jacobs tote bag which she bought for $4 (£3.29) but is worth $450 (£370.42).

The side hustler said: “I love finding things that are trendy now and spend a fraction of the price.

“We pick a TikTok friend to pick school clothes for. We’ve been to Disney three summers in a row. I save that money for experiences.”

According to Ms Onho, her daughter is not embarrassed by the duo’s thrifting side hustle.

She shared: “She’ll tell everyone. Second-hand is seen as less than but it’s not. It doesn’t matter how much money I have – I’d still be a thrifter.”

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