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A MOTORS expert has revealed he made more than £900 by flipping a car on Facebook Marketplace.

The man took to social media to show users the tidy profit he made after selling a second-hand Ford Fiesta.

TikTok user @nikolayzd bought a Fiesta, with 8,326 miles on the clock, on Facebook Marketplace for £1,000 -and immediately took it to a local car wash to get it cleaned.

To make the car look even better, he fixed some little scratches on the bodywork with a repair spray.

In a few days, the poster made more than £938 after accepting a bid of £1,999 on Facebook Marketplace.

The car expert revealed that he spent £17 on the insurance, £20 on fuel and £4 on the car wash.


I’m a motors expert – I made over £1k on the easiest car flip ever

I bought a Chevrolet for £500 &in 24 hours made almost DOUBLE selling it on

The video has gone viral on social media with 152,600 views – and 82 comments.

And most users were blown away after discovering the profit he made in a few days.

One said: "How come, every time sold it for the full asking price."

The poster replied: "I'm not taking any offers. Simple as that."

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Another user said: "Awesome flip."

A third pointed out: "You did well to get that for it considering the mileage."

This comes after a thrifty Facebook Marketplace user told how he bought a car for £500 – and sold it for £850.

Plus, a driver who purchased a Nissan 250SX on Facebook Marketplace was shocked at the car's actual condition when he took a closer look.

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