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AN ELECTRIC car owner who owned his motor for a year has explained why he's making the switch back to petrol.

TikTok user benand_rews took to social media to share his gripe with EVs.

The clip begins with a snippet of ITV's Good Morning Britain presenter Ranvir Singh slamming EVs as a "total nightmare".

The video then cuts to influencer Ben, who cited the vehicle's lack of endurance at the main reason for his decision to switch.

He said: "I'm currently sat in a charging place with my electric car and i've had it just over a year.

"And tomorrow I'm selling it because they say the range is like 250 miles but it isn't.

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"The second you go on a motorway it just disappears within seconds and if you turn the heater on it drains the battery".

The content creator then told viewers he had been to "five different charging spaces" looking for an available slot.

He continued: "Some were broken and they were all taken up.

"So I'm going back to a petrol car next week.

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"I wanted to help the environment but this is just ridiculous."

The rant inspired applause from fellow EV critics.

One said: "Finally someone honest and not in denial.

"It’s more economical to buy a used car."

Another chimed in: "And the government think the nation will be ready by 2030!"

It comes after one motors whizz revealed why he believes you should not buy an electric motor.

YouTube user Mark, who runs ExoticCar Buy Place, posted a clip rubbishing the idea of owning an EV.

Elsewhere, a major car brand is scrapping two of its most famous models while planning to produce a new electric vehicle.

US motoring giant Dodge has revealed it will be discontinuing both the Charger and the Challenger.

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