I forked out £32,000 for a new Range Rover but it broke down a WEEK later… I'm so fed up I don't even want it anymore

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A FUMING motorist has told of the "utterly disgusting" ordeal she was put through by a "sexist" car dealer who sold her a faulty motor – and is REFUSING to clean it.

Reanne Lelliott, 23, from Woolmer Green, Hertfordshire, says she has been left "literally exhausted" by Grange Land Rover in Hatfield.

She even says the experience has been so "draining" that she already wants her £32,000 Range Rover Evoque TD4 HSE – which she only bought in December – gone.

What's more – she claims the company owe her over £200 and are yet to cough up the cash – despite promising to pay her three-months-ago.

She was even forced to pay £35 for car cleaning after a service team left the motor in an absolute state and didn't even reattach the engine cover.

Reanne – a bid writer for a construction firm – told The Sun Online: "It broke down completely and had 5 faults within a week of getting it.


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"It is literally exhausting. It's just been draining."

She said how her nightmare started only a week after she bought the car on December 12 when the 4×4 packed up.

She told how she was driving the car down the road – which she pays £500-a-month for on finance – when it grinded to a dangerous 30mph.

The car engine then started "smoking heavily" and water began pouring through the seal in her windscreen.

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After a string of unanswered calls a mechanic finally came to her aid but she was told he could do nothing – he even found a spare key in the car – it was broken.

To add insult to injury she was not provided with a courtesy car and as a result had to cancel a whopping £200 hotel stay in Oxford with partner Phil Fisher, 34.

She said: "My partner is p****d off – he is not happy at all.

"Of course I couldn’t drive the car to Oxford.

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"We missed our stay and £200 went straight down the drain due to the car I bought a week prior proving not fit for purpose."

On returning to the dealership with the trashed motor her experience was about to reach new depths when she claims a "sexist" branch manager "belittled her" after she demanded a refund.

I was feeling extremely belittled in the situation where he refused to talk to me about my car due to me being a young woman

She slammed: "He walked straight past me and handed my partner the keys, he blanked me when I was asking questions."

Reanne claimed: "His exact words were ‘I have been working with cars for the past 28 years so I know everything there is to do with this, you on the other don’t so I’d listen to what I have to say’.

"I was feeling extremely belittled in the situation where he refused to talk to me about my car due to me being a young woman."

Asked whether she felt sexism was involved – she replied "yes".

Reanne was then handed a "absolutely nothing" ‘like for like’ Kia Sportage which she had to drive for three weeks while her car got fixed.

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But when she finally got her Range Rover back she claims it was an absolute tip.

She said: "There were pieces of sealant inside, the car was dirty, there were leaves all over, it was clear they hadn't cleaned up even the mess they made.

"I opened the boot when I got home to find the engine cover in there – they hadn’t put the engine cover back on."

Reanne paid £35 to get her car cleaned and admits there is "no point asking them" to cough up.

And despite chasing the dealership she says "I have heard absolutely nothing on a refund" from the £200 hotel she missed out on.

She claims mechanics have since been out four more times because there are still issues with the car.

Frustrated Reanne said: "Safe to say I have been utterly disgusted with the product and the service .

"A handful of people asked me what I though of mine as they were going to get one, and I told them this story and they said never in a million years will they get one now.

"Fingers crossed I get a full refund."

The Sun Online have approached Land Rover for comment.

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