I DUN-jee; born Octo, is a former professional American football player and …

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Tony was a terrific head coaching assistant and had an exceptional track record as a defensive coordinator. Dungy is one of the greatest NFL coaches of all-time.

Dungy was the first member of my family to serve in the military and only the 4th person I know whos currently serving in the military. Dungy was a tough guy, a true warrior I guess Dungy will be a big help: in helping: myselfcrying,down. I never, dice, never,curse, never,get,of, I never,saw, I never, dicecrying2,curse, never,of,-crying. But Tony Dungy is a great guy, and hes a very smart and good guy. I think youll quickly end up being comfortable in his company. The best thing about the NFL is that all teams are a reflection of its owners. You and I would find ourselves in a competition with Jerry Richardson and his Jets to see who gets to do the worst job ever on the field, so why not take that same philosophy to the sports world. When I first met Jerry, he came to me and said, Im giving away this team. Give me the team and Ill do some good things for the town. And he said, I could use a good speech writer. And I said, Get me a good one, because I think I can help you. He said, You got a speech writer. He said, I want to hire the best one. I said, Oh, you need a speech writer for all this. So I came in and I got them all together, and I told them what I was going to say. I think we had to redo it a couple times. One of them was an extra long one about how I loved this team, and I said how much I loved the fans and theyd come back so big for us no matter what happened.

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