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A MOTORIST who drove an electric vehicle (EV) for the first time on a 300 miles trip has revealed that two things he hated about it.

Christopher Sharp took the brand new Mercedes EQE SUV on a road trip in Finland and discovered the "problems with modern electric cars".

First of all, "range anxiety" has become a common issue for EV owners, with charging infrastructure struggling to keep up with demand as Europe hurtles towards net zero.

Writing in the Express, Christopher said: "Although the car had enough charge to get me to my hotel in Jyvaskyla, I was given a stern warning not to drive too quickly.

"This wasn’t because of any preconceptions that I might be a boy racer, but more that the faster you drive an electric car, the faster it will run out of charge."

He found that, once he got up to motorway speeds, the worry around whether or not he had enough charge to see through his journey began to distract from the beauty of his surroundings.


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The "stressful" and "tiring" drive meant he was unable to fully appreciate the stunning scenery on offer in the Finnish countryside.

Having to control his speed so studiously also brought about his second major issue – keeping a "steady foot".

This refers to maintaining consistent pressure on the accelerator to allow you to stay at a constant speed without using cruise control.

The struggle to keep the car at a steady speed reduced the range and only added to the stress of the driving experience, according to Christopher.

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However, despite those two snags, he did say that he found the car "comfortable", while the controls where easily mastered and the ride quality excellent.

He concluded that the EQE was "fantastic" but that, until manufacturers could crack the issue of range, it may be worth holding off on making the switch from traditional motors until the tech is more developed.

It comes after a beloved car brand discontinued its own top range EV after it was blasted by drivers.

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