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A WOMAN who drove a major car firm's new EV for the first time has explained what she hated most about it.

A driver took to YouTube to rubbish the BYD Dolphin and listed the top things that went wrong with the vehicle.

The car expert from Electrifying took the entry-level battery hatchback for a test drive to see how well it performed.

The vehicle boasts a 44.9kWh battery and 93bhp motor – which gives up to 211 miles of range.

However, despite its high performance, the content creator listed five things she hated about the £26,000 car.

She said: "I'm going to rattle off the thing that bug me a little bit."

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While driving the battery-powered vehicle, the motorist claimed it made too many dinging noises.

The influencer slammed: "It bing bongs too much. It's like a lane keep assistant speed limit and it's really difficult to turn it off.

"I'm also not a fan of the indicator sound, it's a bit too ticky for my liking."

She then explained how the dashboard reflects onto the screen – which makes the driving experience "uncomfortable".

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The Youtuber said: "The bright dash has a big reflection from the wind screen so you can kind of see the fans and all that in the reflection which gets a little bit annoying."

Chinese manufacturers equipped the vehicle with adjustable vegan level seats.

But the driver found the quality of the interior material cheap.

She said: "Build quality in some places is not the best, you've got like scratchy bits down the side.

"And the gear selector feels a little bit on the cheap side.

"It's not horrendous but you know I'm rattling off the things that bug me."

Despite its spacious rear seat interior, the content creator claimed the car wasn't big enough.

She said: "I know I said the space in the interior is really nice and it's very roomy.

"That space has to be taken from somewhere, and it's been taken from the boot.

"It's actually quite small, with 345 L – which is tiny and it doesn't have a trunk."

Finally, the EV expert claimed the vehicle work cut out due to strong competitors.

"This car is going to put it up against the likes of the MG4, the VW ID3, and the Nissan Leaf – even the new mini electric. So it's got its work cut," she said.

After driving the car around UK roads the motorist gave her verdict and claimed the Dolphin is "impressive".

She said: "It could be cheaper, but we say that about every electric car.

"The interior is very funky and very nice. It's quite nice to look at and the battery is very clever."

The video has now gathered more than 31,000 of views with thousands of likes from fellow EV enthusiasts.

Hundreds of users flocked to the comment section to share their verdict too.

One user said: "I have been driving a dolphin for over 500 days. Dolphins are a good car but is a bit expensive in the UK."

Another added: "I'm struggling to get into this new brand. The interior will date quickly and would rapidly irritate me."

Others said the car is one of the best ones in the market.

A driver said: "I own an MG4 but have driven a Dolphin and I think the Dolphin is the best car."

It comes as another motorist who tested an EV hated by everyone said it was weird and the noise was horrible.

American car enthusiast Kyle took to his YouTube channel to show everything that went wrong with the Mazda MX-30.

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