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AN EV driver has hit out at his battery powered vehicle for having a number of major problems.

Tech reviewer Mark Ellis has slammed the modern motors for their inconvenience and claims that a lack of charging points is only the beginning of their problems.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Mark Ellis Reviews, the vlogger runs through the stresses of owning an electric vehicle.

While they are deemed better for the environment, cost less money to maintain and are extremely quiet, EV's are still driving some people crazy.

A lack of charging points is often the number one issue, but it can become more complicated than that, according to Mark.

He said: "You have to find a working fast charger and one that is vacant – which doesn't have someone at it already.

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"Then you need to find one where you can park on the right side of it to get the DC Cable in.

"In my experience, finding that perfect scenario is pretty much impossible."

Mark also shares in his video that charging points often decline cards, making it impossible to pay.

In one clip, he can be seen repeatedly tapping his card on the contactless machine, only for it to deny his transaction.

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However, he concedes that EV's are not to blame for any of its issues, and advises anyone to do their research before setting off in one.

Mark said: "None of this is the fault of the car – it doesn't matter what EV you're driving.

"You have to have some experience or at least spend some time looking into how to run an EV before heading out on the road and expecting to treat it like a petrol car."

One motor expert claims there are at least 10 major problems with owning an EV.

Shari Prymak from Car Help Corner took to his YouTube channel to run through some of the key issues holding back electric car ownership.

Elsewhere, one car park worker has said that they'd never get an EV.

Inderjeet Singh, 39, said that the electric car revolution has not actually developed enough to make them attractive to drivers.

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