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A STRANGE "ghost-like" creature has been caught in an iPhone live photo – and it's terrifying viewers.

TikTok account @woahthatisstrange shared the chilling image in a 25-second clip last year.

As most iPhone users know, a "live" photo records a 1.5-second snippet before and after you take a picture.

The image shows a group of six people, comprising mostly children, at night on what appears to be a beach.

"The woman that took the photo said everyone was accounted for in the photo – but she's not sure what this is," the narrator said in the clip.

She then pointed out a gray, transparent creature scurrying behind the young boy that was furthest to the right.

"In the flash, you can see that this white figure just sprints across the frame," the narrator remarked.

"So what do you think it is?" she asked TikTok viewers.

Since the creepy live image was shared on TikTok it has gone viral, garnering more than 120,000 likes.

In the comments section, hundreds of users gave their two cents on what the eerie creature could be.

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"Season 5 of stranger things is looking good," one person commented.

"In Ojibwe culture, it’s believed that a bit of your spirit is taken when you take photos," a second TikTok user added.

"That’s a demon crawling. You can see the hands and feet they exist," a third person asserted.

"It’s the little boy's soul leaving his body because he clearly didn’t want to be in that picture," another person joked.

"Ghost" photography has a long and complex history. Ever since the camera has been around, spooky figures have been appearing in images.

However, as many experts have explained over the years, this is typically due to camera technology and not the paranormal.

The BBC explains further: 'Unlike analog film, phones tend to take a photo in stages – in the same way a scanner moves over a piece of paper.

"It is a slower process, especially in darker places where the camera phone’s image sensors need more time to record enough picture information.

"This is called 'image aliasing'. As a result, anything moving through the shot at the time could appear distorted."

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